Thursday, July 10, 2014

Experience rural living

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More than just spending and seeing, feel and experience rural and back-to-basics community life. Travel in rural community  Philippines at the not-quite so-remote barrio of Santo Tomas in northern Luzon. Santo Tomas is the mother barangay of the town of Santo Domingo, in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. Legend has it that the first priest of Santo Domingo have chosen the eastern barrio for its snaking river and friendly locals. Throughout the years, the Spanish bar/tiled remnants of the priest's chapel have been removed, and that the farmer tilling the land have since unearthed antique plates and jars within the area.

However, the place now teems with variety of local fruits (you can actually ask for FREE from neighbors!), and to sample a common view:

Visitors / travelers from Asia (China, Japan, Indonesia), Europe (France, Russia, Croatia, Poland) have found the people friendly, so much like many rural folks in the country as biker-photographer/blogger Amaya Williams documented here.

One can experience foraging, homestead living, natural building in their accommodation,   practice organic gardening, permaculture, and many more.

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Oh, and by the way, bonus sites within a few minutes ride from the barrio / site is the hundred-years-old Spanish town  of Vigan, and a nearby beach in South China Sea.

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