Monday, June 6, 2011

Reading Caravan June 4, 2011

The first Reading Caravan for this year was held at the Sto. Tomas station. Marginalized children from barangays Quimmarayan and Sto. Tomas of Sto Domingo participated. There were 15 school supplies set with a book each that were distributed.
The children were made to read from choices of books (filled with images/photos) and interpret what they read in vernacular.
Some of the mothers requested, that they, too, should be included in reading sessions and asked to win books, too. We hope to expand to that later.
More images here.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The First Station

It is a small - about 4X5 square-meter room - humble but fitting, and more than enough to start our first Reading Caravan Station. It was donated by a former military man, no less, and currently an Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) Federated President - Ernesto Q. Tadeja - who has donated our first Reading Caravan Station.

And we're jumping with glee.

Here are some of the first photos, that while still bare and spare, has proved as better alternative for children on summer vacation who would, without it, be busy learning gambling.

But of course, we are also grateful of the Embassy of Finland in Manila and the Embassy of Germany in Manila for the reading materials sent. Only the light, magazine types have been posted yet due to the lack of book racks. But the small library is functional and already has internet connection.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Reading Caravan & Ms. Bituen ti Ilocos

The quest is on for the Ms. Bituen ti Ilocos (Beauty & Brains) and Talent Search (solo or group) open to all Ilocos residents and natives (migrants welcome, good reason to visit your hometown!).

Please click here to download Entry Form.

This event might have the Eat Bulaga Babes as guest, for May 7. (For update).
This is a fund-raising project for Reading Caravan. Reading Caravan aims to encourage children to read and share with the community what they learn. It will be conducting reading and interpretation contests with a mobile library. Please support and spread. Alternatively, you can click button on the left side to donate any amount.
Knowledge is power. Let us empower those who have less.

Update at North Central School Library

We were able to raise the following funds for the North Central School Library:

$20 (P980) from Virginia Willig, P500 from Isabelita Palpallatoc, P180 from Dos Pueblos (Duhaylungsod Family), P60 from Mr. & Mrs. Butch Celiz, P60 from Leilanie Faburada, and $200 from Juliet Rivada & family.

North Central School is located in Sto. Domingo Ilocos Sur 2729, Philippines. Thanks Everyone!