Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reading Caravan

During the Reading Festival, we have encountered children from indigent families who have no or very limited access to books. We have decided to expand our project and add a smaller scale of reaching these children through Reading Caravan. We hope to avail of a bus to be converted into a library of sort so we can travel to remote areas as well as cover more localities for the reading contest as well as give-away books to indigent children who are interested to learn. This is with the hope that the books and reading activities will inspire these children to improve their lives.

Your support is needed! All major credit cards are accepted and amount is open. Just click button on the right side.

Video Prod Samplers

Aside from live events, we have started working and will continue accepting video and music production services that include:
  • copy writing and editing
  • scriptwriting (full-length, tv or radio commercials)
  • video editing
  • advertisement
  • jingle production
  • sound design
  • etc.
Email us at info@bituen.com

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reading Festival - The Event

Overall Winner: Basilio Azada, Jr., Lingsat Elementary School (Bantay) with Reading Coach Teacher Ambet

The Santo Domingo North Central School Team

The performers, audience, teachers, and contestants during the Reading Festival (First Leg). The Winners (Peoples Coliseum, Ilocos Sur):
Grade 1 - Russel Anjelo Briones, Santo Domingo North Central School
Grade 2 - Christopher Louie Musa, Santo Domingo North Central School
Grade 3- Miya Krizxen Revibes, Santo Domingo North Central School
Grade 4- Kamille Cheska Mandac, Santo Domingo North Central School
Grade 5- Basilio Azada, Jr., Lingsat Elementary School (Bantay)
Grade 6 - Tracy Ante Tabil, Santo Domingo North Central School

Educational Materials Recipients:
4 Bulks - Caoayan District
6 Bulks - Santo Domingo District
Received by Teacher Catherine Somera of Santo Domingo South Central School

The participants, recipients and winners thank all Sponsors most especially Move on Philippines for the books which are very much appreciated!

To see more about Reading Festival The First Leg, download file here:RF First Leg

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Primacare Training and Development Center - Laoag City is recognized by TESDA with a proven track record and credibility since 1998.
Courses Offered:
  • Caregiver
  • Household Services NC II
  • Health Care Services NC II (Nursing Aide)
  • Basic Japanese / French Laguage
For more information, please call:

Location: 3f Isabel Bldg. II, F.R. Castro Ave., Laoag City (behind old Jollibee)

Enrollment for all courses is going on.

Laoag Reading Fest Winners

The winners of the Reading Festival contest that was conducted in Laoag City Centennial Arena are as follows:

Overall Winner: Marivir Agustin, Gabu Elementary School, with Reading Coach (RC) Amelita Ricardos.
Grade 1: Yviahnagaile Raza Nebab, Sarrat North Central School, RC: Jenalyn Edra
Grade 2: Juliana Marie Ulep, Sarrat North Central School, RC: Lourdes Pastor
Grade 3: Marivir Agustin
Grade 4: Jester Galano, Malaguip Elementary School
Grade 5: Novelyn Corpuz, Sarrat North Central School, RC: Edelyn Galitano
Grade 6: Johna Eliza Tabira, Malaguip Elementary School
High School: Princess Kate Silvano, Don Salistiano Aquino, High Schol
Overall School Champion: Sarrat North Central School

The Sarrat North Central School Team

Reading Festival the First Leg was made possible through the support of Move on Philippines, PrimaCare, Heritage Resort, Flores Pots & Hidden Garden, GypsyPunk, Precious Pages Corporation, Gov. Michael Keon of Ilocos Norte. Governor Amado Espino of Pangasinan, Northview Hotel and Laoag Renzo Hotel, Primacare of Laoag, i!FM Laoag, Magik FM-Vigan, Kiwanis Club of Sunshine City, Atty. Kris Ablan, All About Fish Grill-Seafoods Restaurant, Gym Carry, Shakey's, Makarismos Wines & Spirits, Mayor Michael FariƱas, Mayor Butch Tadena and Eugene Tadeja.

The Organizers and Performers are happy to announce that due to the success of the First Leg, Reading Festival will proceed to National Capitol Region for the Second Leg!

Please watch out for the post on Ilocos Sur winners.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reading Fest Promo Tours & Post

At Heritage Resort-Caoayan.
At the Hidden Garden...

The Star Kids (aka Goin Bulilit) at the Reading Fest

At the Hidden Garden with owner Francis Flores.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Typhoon Postpones Reading Fest

Due to typhoon Lupit predicted to hit a hard landfall on northern Luzon, the organizers and performers for the Reading Festival (First Leg) decided to postpone the events slated in Laoag October 23 and Vigan October 24. The SM City Rosales (Pangasinan) slated October 25 was canceled in an earlier date due to venue flooding.

The Office of the Governor (Michael M. Keon) of Ilocos Norte through Ms. Sunny Miguel has agreed to provide the Centennial Arena for the postponement to be held October 31 instead, from 2 pm onwards.

Meanwhile, the postponed Vigan gig is still under negotiation for its relocated venue due to conflict of schedule with the original venue Heritage Resort. The Organizers hope to stage the October 30 Reading Festival in Peoples Coliseum in Santo Domingo, Ilocos Sur

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ondoy and Public School Books

A public school pupil is lucky enough when he or she gets a book issued by the DepEd every school-year opening. Usually, the priority are pupils from the "star" section or where the best of the crop are grouped together. If a pupil belongs to the lowest section, or any of the lower sections, books become scarce, with street dog-eared or missing pages, torn cover and pages. Those who get a complete set is the luckier bunch. There are those who get two, three, or four books out of seven or eight textbooks. The squalid state of the books could make any one despair.

After typhoon Ondoy, many schools were flooded and adversely affected. Here, the the books are dried inside school grounds--- in the stairs, corridors and inside the school perimeter fence.

These books represent the state of Philippine education and literacy. This is the main reason why Reading Festival was conceived. Through our reading and literacy campaign, we hope to impart that every individual has his and her own responsibility to provide for our environment, to help ease the impact of chaos our environment is going through by lessening our carbon footprint.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

i! FM Laoag & Magik FM Vigan

The two radio stations (DWHP - iFM 99.5 Laoag) and Magik FM Vigan has started announcing our radio plugs for Reading Festival! Remember, each time you make a donation (no minimum amount required), you help give books to poor children in the Philippines and promote their chances of getting a better life! Roll on!

Monday, September 7, 2009

More Support

Prizes in the form of 3 balikbayan boxes of books has been received today from one of the Partners of Reading Festival- Move on Philippines.

Likewise, Mart1 has expressed interest in joining us in this worthy cause.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reading Festival Kicks Off in Region 1

Reading Festival, an interpretative reading competition among elementary (Grade 1 – Grade 6) and High School (First-Fourth year) in per level basis kicks off October 23 in Laoag City Auditorium. It is a half-day event that will focus on public schools with special consideration for children from marginalized families. 10 winners will be declared per area and date for a total of 30 winners in all.

The contest will be featuring Goin’ Bulilit Kids and other entertainers with the following dates and venues:

October 23 – Laoag City Auditorium;

October 24 – Heritage Resort Caoayan (Metro Vigan);

October 25 – SM City Rosales (Pangasinan).

The event objective is to inspire and encourage school children and youth to value reading, education and literacy in order to succeed if not become productive members of society. It is in-line with the Department of Education’s (Dep Ed) read-a-thon (reading) program. Reading is one of the most potent tools to success which has been overlooked due to trends, lack of motivation and lack of reading materials among impoverished youths. Through this activity, the organizers hope to provide information and motivation to youths about the importance of reading and literacy to make them become successful or productive members of society. The organizers also aim to stage this event nationwide, area per area.

Highlights of the series of events include the contest proper and entertainment numbers from the Goin’ Bulilit Kids, professional young sing & dance groups Charmers, Pinay

Barbies, etc. It is open to the public. Entrance at SM City Rosales The Activity Center is for free.

The literacy campaign background of the organizers at Bituen (www.bituen.com) aims to emphasize the importance of education and literacy to audience and the public through relevant events. This was started with the "Voc Tech Night" conducted November 29 2008 at Amoranto Stadium.

Already, Move on Philippines (http://moveonphil.org/), Heritage Resort (http://www.heritresort.com/) GypsyPunk (http://gypsypunk.biz), Precious Pages Corporation (http://phr.com.ph/index.html), Cozy Place in Rosales Pangasinan, Northview Hotel of Laoag and other organizations have already signified their support.

For individuals and organizations who wish to extend support, click below:

email info@bituen.com or call 632-4551132.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Support Pouring In

We are happy to announce that support for Reading Festival (The First Leg) has started pouring in! Already, sponsorship from Precious Pages Corporation with imprints ETL (Easy to Learn Books) , Lampara, Little Genius, as well as Mabuhay Educational Center boardgames and teaching aide posters already came.

We hope more to come for the participating schools and children!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Inspire A Generation to Read

In the Philippines, in addition to the rising problems in Philippine education with classroom shortage, teacher shortage at 49,699 in SY 2005-2006, lack of fund, and children no longer wanting to go to school for various financial and material reasons, the few who have perseverance are challenged about the access to education materials such as books. Thus, to address lack of interest in reading (and literacy in general), Bituen, together with Move on Philippines joined hands to highlight the importance of reading and literacy through Reading Festival (First Leg). MoP has agreed to donate books for winners and children who will join in the activity that will be graced by 4 Goin Bulilit Kids, young female and male dance groups that will be staged at Laoag City Auditorium (October 23, Friday), Heritage Resort (October 24, Saturday) and SM City Rosales (October 25, Sunday).

The organizers hope to help children learn the importance of books and reading in achieving life dreams. They also hope to stage the activity nationwide through the help of generous Filipinos from around the world.

Readers and the public are also requested to help this activity as donors. All donations will be used as prizes and listed on the souvenir magazine. Please click below to help.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reading Festival (The First Leg)

As a follow-up to its literacy campaign, Bituen will embark on Reading Festival (The First Leg) on:
  • October 23 (Friday) - Laoag City Auditorium
  • October 24 (Saturday) - Heritage Resort Caoayan - Metro Vigan
  • October 25 (Sunday) - SM City Rosales The Activity Center (Pangasinan).
Already, Move on Philippines has expressed their support by providing books as prizes and motivation gift for contestants and winners. Modelizta Philippines will provide for entertainment through the special appearance of Goin Bulilit Kids Joshua, Yulio, Barbie and CJ. Other promising sing & dance groups Pinay Barbies and Charmers will also perform.

The event will highlight the importance of literacy and reading skills as tools for achieving a better life. Bituen previously organized the Voc-Tech Night for Children International's Quezon City Agency and was able to raise an estimated P130,000 for the vocational and technical scholars from marginalized families.

For Sponsors (interested to campaign, promote product or company), retailers (who may be interested to join the weeklong -October 20-26 -tiangge at SM City Rosales), or donors (for motivation gifts and prizes), you may send email or call Bituen at (63-2) 455-1132 for details or inquiries.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


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