Sunday, March 19, 2017

Reading Caravan

More than anything, quality children's books are most helpful and inspiring to marginalized children in third world countries like the Philippines due to its rarity and accessibility. Textbooks in the country seldom has more than 2 colors, of durable quality, or appeal due to its successive and years of use by several children.

In Bituen volunteers' outreach experiences, when given food and a pack of toys, children set aside the rest and browse through the pages of the book they received for free because this is a new experience to them: being transported in another world with color and vivid images!

All photos taken during the January 2, 2017 Reading Caravan in San Isidro, Makati CIty.

Bituen continue accepting book donations for marginalized children. While giving to schools and libraries may also be a good intention, these books are rarely used by marginalized children for fear of soiling these books and being reprimanded later on.

Contact us to donate.