Sunday, January 8, 2012

Carusipan, Cabugao

(October 17, 2011)
During rainy season, it is a challenge to go to Carusipan, Cabugao, in Ilocos Sur. There is a hanging bridge which could scare a pseudo-acrophobe like me...

So, we opted to hop and balance against the stone bridge(s) on the widened river instead.

There were already many parents and children at the area when we arrived. But the participants were eager, and so were the volunteers.

The participants were from the barangay's elementary school which is also beside the river. Many of them still need improvement based on their level. However, there were a few who were well-adjusted and with high comprehension skills.

It was during the distribution of books that we saw once again the happy faces of the children. All who participated were given books while those who showed more effort to read and re-tell in vernacular (ilocano) what they read were given more books.

We look forward to get more (colorful) book donations and reach out to more underprivileged children.

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