Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Wishing Greta's Luck On Us

Since December 2013, we have started working with the DENR and DepEd to teach and make youths in the Philippines plant (seedling) trees, despite the majority of our country's population lacking the much-needed land space (and title) to grow these seedlings into mature trees.

We hoped as much as we re-plant every wayward tree seedling in a container or to a more permanent space that every seedling re-planted would survive the dry season and lack of time/resources of every planter.

We even developed "waste-gardening" not only because we have no land to till but because we have so much to throw and no patience for smelly composts (just remember to throw bits of torn paper or sawdust on every wet biowaste you put on that pot!)
In May this year, we had our 20nth seminar-workshop with Quezon City teachers, again, Bituen distributing soil, live cuttings of fruit trees, and herb-drink-making kits. And we hope to conduct more before the year ends.
On our end, we go on planting  with our very limited resources, continuing our research on using bio-wastes, finding ways to make trees grow on containers, or how vegetation can become more resilient in concrete jungles.
But where's the attention we need (okay, we mean funds actually, as much as Greta was saying it with a capital F) so we can help green more schools and city spaces? Come on world, Philippines is the world capital of caring nurses and health care providers! Help green our schools and we provide better, healthier nurses and health care providers for all of you! That is not a promise, that is sustainability!

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